You Are Beautiful

Words I hated for years.

"You're beautiful" ♡ are three words I hated for years.

​...words I didn't know were spoken by my dad in corruption

​...words that belonged to me before I was born because God spoke them first

If you're a survivor and hate your beauty, I just want to say that I feel you ... it's hard enough to want to live 'in your body' after trauma, let alone have it be one that attracts sexual attention that feels unsafe.

​And maybe you've tried covering disgust and fear of beauty by being sexy or seductive, trying to control the attention since you couldn't avoid it. Maybe that led you into trouble and emptiness, like it did me.

​So today, I want to be the one to tell you, "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL."

 I take those words back from your abuser • I break the lies around your beauty • and I declare over you that your beauty is not dangerous -- it is a gift from God for you to enjoy and feel comfortable in.

by delfina


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