Self-Care for Dissociation

Updated: Jan 5

A strong self-care routine is the best strategy for dissociation.

Self-care is hard enough on it's own, let alone during a trauma response. That's why having a list of go-to things you can do for yourself is essential in recovery.

My Experience with Dissociation

Before I was set-free from trauma, I relied on a lot of these things to help me 'come back' into my body and feel comfortable being there. You can even put some of these self-care routines to work before you find yourself in a trauma response.

The most important thing to remember while handling yourself during dissociation is that you deserve to feel safe, loved, nurtured and taken care of. You have full permission to go into full lounge-mode and just take it easy until sensation and awareness return to you.


  • take a bath, feeling your buoyancy puts you back in your body

  • go for a walk. don't try to push yourself into a full workout. a simple walk is enough.

  • avoid crowded places

  • avoid anything that requires focus or attention to detail

  • if you can stand to be touched and can afford it, get a massage or a chiropractic adjustment, or acupuncture

  • dab on a little essential oil to open up your olfactory senses

  • dance

  • eat something ... starving yourself dissociates you even more (as much as it might feel good to feel in control of your body in that way.) Skipping meals actually 'ungrounds you' and adds to the floaty feeling. but don't replace 'floaty' with 'bloaty' -- don't binge.

  • get some sleep

  • dry brush your skin or lather on some lotion all over your body to wake up you senses

  • jump on a mini-trampoline

  • watch a light-hearted, funny movie

  • call a friend who knows how to listen and not judge you

  • get lots of hugs from safe, loving friends

  • be patient with yourself, don't force yourself to 'snap out of it.' This moment will pass, the pain will lessen, and you will be OK because you ARE healing.

  • take really deep, exaggerated breaths like they do in yoga or birthing class

  • wrap yourself in extra blankets, put on a few extra layers of clothes

  • and definitely don't engage in any sexual activity during dissociation!


Take heart, your experience with trauma and dissociation is normal. You are on your way to a full recovery even if today it doesn't feel like you're healing. Your divine inheritance is to live trauma-free. If I can heal, you can heal.

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