60 symptoms, healed.

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

God healed me instantly of these 60 unwanted symptoms of PTSD after 20 years of me trying to do it on my own.

I tried everything to heal. I searched for answers and relief to this long list of trauma symptoms everywhere, but nothing was able to remove the mountain of pain that rested upon me. Until I gave my life to Jesus and everything changed. (click here for the full story)

You might find shared symptoms on this list, things that you struggle with and want healing for as well.

The good news about my breakthrough is that it was supernatural -- meaning, that there was nothing I did in the 'natural realm' that achieved it. My healing was a gift from God that he gave me when I chose to believe in him and believe in Jesus. I tried for over 20 years to heal from my abuse, but in an instant he removed all my demonic tormentors.

The same is possible for you if you believe. Click here for a prayer I wrote for you to help you open your heart to healing.

My List:

  1. dysmorphia

  2. eating disorder / food addiction

  3. panic attacks

  4. inability to feel safe in public

  5. nightmares & flashbacks

  6. massive mood swings

  7. emotional disregulation

  8. sleep disorders / sleep phobia

  9. suicidal thoughts

  10. forgetting how to smile

  11. controlled / tense facial expressions

  12. discomfort sitting down

  13. body hatred

  14. dissociation / leaving my body

  15. self-harm

  16. sabotaging good relationships

  17. feeling like I'm "out of control"

  18. feeling like I'm "not normal"

  19. hyper-awareness of my body and limbs

  20. extreme sensitivity (emotional and physical)

  21. rage / anger outbursts / violence

  22. fits of uncontrolled crying

  23. stolen innocence / stolen virginity

  24. fertility + hormonal issues

  25. strong dislike of men

  26. gender confusion / same sex tendencies

  27. paranoia

  28. fear of abandonment

  29. extreme loneliness / emptiness / despair

  30. feeling like I'm suffocating or drowning

  31. not being "at home" or "at ease" in my body

  32. reckless risk taking that endangers my life or health

  33. fear of confinement and small spaces / feeling like I'm being confined

  34. apathy / numbness

  35. depression

  36. triggers

  37. actual physical injury from being abused (specifically back issues, misalignments, pain, etc.)

  38. feeling "gross" or "slimy" inside

  39. casuality with sex

  40. unforgiveness / hardness of heart / bitterness / resentment

  41. ongoing fear of death or sensing impending doom

  42. body weight issues (can't put on or lose weight)

  43. chronic illness

  44. medical mysteries

  45. inability to think or plan long term

  46. inability to handle surprise or spontaneity well / trouble with moment to moment transitions

  47. sexual dysfunction / feeling broken sexually

  48. aversion to touch or intimacy

  49. trust issues / inability to soften guard even when I want to

  50. hormonal issues / period problems / issues with reproductive organs / acne

  51. trouble with boundaries (setting my own and respecting others')

  52. constant anxiety

  53. feeling like I don't have a voice

  54. throat problems / vocal issues

  55. digestion issues

  56. substance abuse

  57. focus issues

  58. memory problems

  59. obsessive control issues

  60. physical ticks, uncontrolled movements that feel like I have to do them (ie: scratching, tapping, adjusting, cracking, moving around, etc.)

Your breakthrough:

Click here to read a special prayer for healing I wrote for you.

It is your divine inheritance to live trauma-free.

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