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Sacred Healing


There are a million-and-one ways to do everything these days, and this is what I thought when I started healing from sexual abuse. But after 20 years of trying every therapy the world had to offer from modern psychology, New Age Reiki, Tibetan medicine, yoga & meditation, past life regressions and more, it was what I didn't do that healed me. 

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Natural Healing

In all my advice I will always give you 2 approaches to healing -- 1, in the natural physical realm of the mind, body, and emotions, and 2, in the supernatural, unseen realm of the soul where heaven meets earth and your spirit finds God.

Natural remedies are vital for retraining our physical mind, body, and emotions a new way of doing life beyond trauma. It's where we get to re-love, re-parent, re-train, and re-vitalize ourselves in all the humanly, worldly ways we know how. It's all the practical tools you will need to live a thriving life, from having good self-care which leads to healthy self-worth that creates a sense of grounded self-love. 

But since trauma doesn't just attack us in the natural, it's crucial to approach healing with supernatural weapons of warfare to free our spirit and soul from the torment that can otherwise go on forever. 

Supernatural Healing

Stubborn pain requires supernatural grace, which puts every last part of you back in its divine, proper place. Supernatural healing takes you from using all your natural remedies, rituals and routines (which only bring relief and must be maintained) to experiencing unexplainable, unexpected, unthinkable breakthrough that resets you completely, leaving you 100% trauma free (which is total freedom that doesn't need to be maintained.)

There is only one way to bring about this kind of radical freedom from trauma and pain -- faith in Jesus. 

Wherever you are in your faith journey, there is always more to be had because we belong to an infinite God who always has more for us -- more goodness, more freedom, more clarity about why everything happened to us. 

Without engaging God's perspective on our pain, we will only ever be interviewing our pain and our trauma for answers. This is why most survivors never heal -- trauma doesn't care about your past. it's #1 goal is to keep you from experiencing your future. 

But with God's help, we can go back to seeing ourselves through the eyes of perfection, the eyes that knew us before anyone hurt us, the eyes that see the path that leads to our 'meant to be' life no matter what kind of darkness we've lived in. 

I would never known this was possible had I not experienced radical healing in my kitchen in 2019, but now that I am trigger free, chronic illness free, emotional pain free, depression free, suicidal thinking free, phobia/ocd free, I can stand here and confidently tell you that if God could heal me, he will heal you. I didn't earn it or particularly deserve it -- I just decided to stop trying to do everything on my own and asked God to "fix" my life. 

And He did. 

If I can heal, you can heal.


by delfina


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